TextBlob Wrapper

Playbook app wrapper for TextBlob.


Playbook app wrapper for TextBlob.


  • tcex

Input Definitions

  • string (String): String
  • n_gram (String): n-gram length

Output Definitions

  • json (KeyValueArray)
  • nounPhrases (StringArray)
  • npCounts (KeyValueArray)
  • polarity (String)
  • subjectivity (String)
  • sentences (StringArray)
  • tokens (StringArray)
  • tags (KeyValueArray)
  • words (StringArray)
  • wordCounts (KeyValueArray)

Use Cases

Todo: add use cases

Installing in ThreatConnect

To install this app in ThreatConnect, run:

make lib
make pack

This will create a .tcx file in the top app directory which will work in ThreatConnect assuming the instance of ThreatConnect is running the same version of python used during the make lib command.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and Floyd Hightower’s TCEX App Creation UI.