Yara Validator

Validate a yara rule.


Validate a yara rule.


Input Definitions

  • yara_rule (String): Yara rule

Output Definitions

  • errorData (String)
  • repairedSource (String)
  • source (String)
  • validationStatus (String)

Installing in ThreatConnect

To install this app in ThreatConnect, run the following from the app’s top directory:

make lib

Then, navigate into the lib... directory which was created inside the app’s subdirectory and run the following to install the yara-validator:

git clone https://github.com/CIRCL/yara-validator.git
mv yara-validator/yara-validator/* ./yara-validator
rm -rf yara-validator/yara-validator/

Finally, run:

make pack

This will create a .tcx file in the top app directory which will work in ThreatConnect assuming the instance of ThreatConnect is running the same version of python used during the make lib command.

NOTE: Because this app uses yara (specifically yara-python), it will probably need to be packaged on an OS that is compatible with the instance of ThreatConnect on which it is being installed.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and Floyd Hightower’s TCEX App Creation UI.