Google Alert Feed Reader

Read a Google Alerts RSS feed and create indicators from the links. This playbook pulls the content from an RSS feed of Google alerts, finds the URLs from the alerts, and creates those URLs as indicators in ThreatConnect.

This playbook was featured in a “Playbook Friday” blog:! The blog post includes installation instructions and a gif of how to setup the playbook.

Use Cases

Once in a while, there is a Google search that turns up a lot of malicious or compromised domains. When this happens, it is helpful to use Google Alerts to create an RSS feed of websites matching the search. This playbook will then read from this RSS feed and create all of the urls as indicators in ThreatConnect. There are details and instructions for setting up an RSS feed for a Google alert here:



  • Timer

User Variables

This playbook expects the following user variables:

  • text: Personal Slack Channel
  • keychain: Slack API Token

Variables Declared in the Playbook

The following variables are declared in this playbook:

  • confidenceRating: 50
  • threatRating: 3
  • url: