Repeat Until Successful

This playbook attempts an action until it is successful. In this sense, it is a bit like a 'pause' or 'wait' command that will wait until the given action is successful before moving on.


This playbook is triggered by an HTTP request with the following query parameters:

  • count: The number of times the action has been attempted (when triggering this playbook, you will usually want to set this value to zero)
  • link: The http trigger link to the playbook with the action you would like to perform
  • finalLink: The http trigger link you would like to call when the playbook at link is successful
  • max: The maximum number of times to attempt the action

The basic algorithm is as follows:

  1. Attempt an http request to the playbook specified by the link URL query parameter.
  2. If the http request from step 1 works:
    • Make a request to finalLink
  3. If the http request from step 1 does not work (returns 40X error):
    • Increment the count which keeps track of the number of times we have tried to trigger the other playbook
    • If the count is less than the max number of attempts: wait for twenty seconds and make another attempt
    • If the count is equal to the max number of attempts: stop and send a message (by default, a slack message)

Use Cases

  • Wait until a condition is true before proceeding
  • Attempt an action until the action is successful

You can read more about how this app works at



  • HttpLink

This playbook uses an HTTP trigger; the parts of the HTTP request below are used by the following apps:

  • body: used in the “http - attempt action” app
  • queryparam: used in the “Value Lookup 1” app
  • body: used in the “http - call this playbook again” app
  • body: used in the “http - call final playbook” app

Variables Declared in the Playbook

The following variables are declared in this playbook:

  • messagePrefix: [repeat until complete]:
  • thisPlaybookTrigger: Replace Me!
  • newCount: #App:22709:http.content!String