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23 December 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbook Apps

Determine if an email address is disposable or not using the domain name of the email address.

23 July 2018 / citadelintellgenceresearch / Playbook Components

Submit a host or URL to urlscan.io for enrichment.

21 March 2018 / citadelintelligenceresearch / Playbooks

This playbook presents a User Action trigger that when pressed, will query Shodan's API for a given indicator then pull back enrichments and store them as an attribute on said indicator.

05 March 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbooks

This playbook lets you query Cymon for an IP Address or Host.

05 March 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbooks

01 January 0001 / Floyd Hightower / Playbook Components

Check the rank of a domain in the Alexa and Cisco top million domain lists.