Tag: Parsing rss


16 January 2019 / Floyd Hightower / Playbook Apps

Parse indicators of compromise using the ioc-finder package.

04 September 2018 / joereese / Playbooks

Parse a STIX XML file from the File Post spaces app.

01 September 2018 / joereese / Playbook Components

Parse the header from the HTTP Trigger (#trg.http.header) into useful output variables.

28 June 2018 / billdauterive / Playbooks

These playbooks will allow you to define a set of keywords in a JSON Array to parse a document for. Upon ingestion of a document the playbook will parse the documents in the specified owners for the given keywords. Should a match be found the group name as well as the identified keywords will be added as tags on the triggering document.

16 April 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbooks

Request a PDF from a given URL and return the text from the PDF.

16 April 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbooks

Request the content of the given website and return the text of the website's content.

16 March 2018 / brikardtc / Playbooks

This Playbook will create a mailbox to ingest emails. When an email is sent to this mailbox, it will save the attachment and associate it to the email item that was created. It will additionally extract indicators as save them as associations to the email as well.

07 March 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbook Apps

28 February 2018 / Floyd Hightower / Playbook Components

Parse indicators from text using the system regexes available via the API.